Adolfo Carrasco Méndez

State Approved Translator & Interpreter

Master's in Engineering (TU Munich)


Phone: 01747249936




State Exam for Translators and Interpreters in Germany (2014)

  ·         1st Foreign language: Spanish

 ·         2nd Foreign language: French

 ·         3rd Foreign language: Italian


State Approved Translator and Interpreter in Munich (2018)

·         German – Spanish - German


Approved Translator and Interpreter in the Sultanate of Oman (2015)

 ·         Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese

 ·         Arabic

 ·         English

 ·         German


Arabic Translation Course at the LMU University in Munich (2012)

 ·         Translation and Interpretation: Arabic, Standard Arabic

 ·         Specialised in Gulf Dialects

 ·         Gulf Arabic, Syrian Arabic, Standard Arabic


Translation of General Topics


Technical Translations


Translation of General Legal Documents


Medical Translations, Medical Reports




Court Interpretation since 2012

 ·         Oman and Germany

 ·         Civil and Criminal Processes

 ·         Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, English and German


Conference Interpretation since 2014

 ·         Conference Interpretation (Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation)

 ·         Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation

 ·         Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, English and German


Liaison Interpretation since 2012

 ·         Interpretation, TV Interviews, Business Visits, Official Meetings

 ·         Meeting with Lawyers, Doctor, Public Authorities and Bureaus





Adolfo Carrasco Méndez – Traductor e Intérprete Público Jurado




Adolfo Carrasco Méndez – Tradutor e Interprete Juramentado




Adolfo Carrasco Méndez – Traduttore ed Interprete Giurato – Traduzioni Asseverate




Adolfo Carrasco Méndez – Traducteur et Interprète Assermenté




Adolfo Carrasco Méndez –  مترجم فوري وتحريري معتمد (خدمات ترجمة محلفة ومصدقة)


ACM translations


Adolfo Carrasco Méndez

Öffentlich bestellter und beeidigter Dolmetscher und Übersetzer

Dipl. Ingenieur (TU München)


Standort: München, Bayern


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